Life I’m living is tragic, Stuck like traffic, What happened?
At last, like Etta James, I’m trying to get, past the madness to get whole.
— Jerome Bailey Jr. | Liberation

I was already saved but my salvation needed to be worked out.

I had to get whole to find freedom in Jesus.

After I stopped running from my past and faced my traumas and insecurities I found that I was broken, depressed and deeply wounded in need of healing and spiritual repair.

On the outside my real life took a hit — I was depressed, homeless and lost, living my life on auto-pilot hoping for more but not knowing how to find it.

I finally gained the courage to confront the inner me who was in bondage to a dark past — leading me to freedom.


Jerome Bailey Jr. is a writer, poet, spoken-word performer, creative video journalist and documentary producer based in New Orleans.

His gifts have made room for him — Bailey is fully committed to helping individuals find spiritual revival and awakening in their lives. His first published collection of poetry, Liberation, shares his personal struggle to become mentally free after long bouts of depression and unresolved childhood trauma and sexual abuse.

Bailey has spent the majority of his adulthood as an international journalist, earning his master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York City and quickly began reporting for multiple news outlets as an intern, freelancer and full-time multimedia journalist for a major local station in Houston.

Bailey has reported for the Washington Post, The Associated Press, The CW and other local television and radio stations. His media company, Jerome Bailey Media, LLC has also produced video campaigns with major commercial brands and universities. He taught journalism at Houston Baptist University, and he travels globally and locally teaching storytelling workshops, serving crowds as a panelist and featured speaker primarily speaking as an authority on social issues, racism, marriage, relationships and his faith.

When He isn’t working, He is spending time with his wife and together they love their New Orleans community — the place they live and serve.

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