About the Book


I was already saved by Jesus but still - I was in bondage to my past, depression, anxiety, insecurities and trauma. Facing that dark past led me to wholeness — which led me to a full life in Christ — resulting in Liberation.

Liberation is a collection of poetry detailing the personal testimony of Bailey fighting to be free from the captivity of his mind. The use of biblical references and imagery aids in the freedom theme where Bailey powerfully tackles his personal experiences of racism, poverty, sexual abuse/trauma that shaped his past and propelled his future.

Vulnerable and honest, Bailey reveals intimate details of his own spiritual awakening from doubting that God exists at all to dedicating his life to the mission of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A story of transformation, struggle, a grueling process that results in freedom and peace.




A savage attack in New York birthed a movement to peace and freedom in God.


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